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Alice is supposed to be playing the Chrysler Theatre in my hometown of Windsor this July 26th. However, the casino is on strike and there have been rumors that the show may be scrubbed. It's a disappointment because Alice is from Detroit, right across the river from us. He's always kind of been regarded as a hometown boy here. My own favorite Alice creation is "Go To Hell".


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I've never seen him (band) in concert but when I list my favourite bands, AC is in my 'Top 5'. I've been a fan of the original ACG since I was a kid. "Welcome to My Nightmare" is my 2nd favourite AC album although not performed by the original group.

My favourite ACG album is "Killer."

My 'Top 5' favourite AC tunes are ...

1 - Be My Lover

2 - Years Ago

3 - You Drive Me Nervous

4 - Generation Landslide

5 - Cold Ethyl

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