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Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard Start Tour.

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Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard Start Tour

United Press International

Country music veteran Merle Haggard says he had planned a real soft spring until Bob Dylan called and asked him to open his tour.

The two music legends embarked Monday on a 38-date concert tour.

"It's a real honor," said Haggard, who's only met Dylan occasionally throughout their respective careers.

"I probably wouldn't have done it with anybody else. I think our connection is real clear; Jimmy Rogers and Woody Guthrie influenced both of us. I just took it in one direction, he took it in another. Now here we've come, full circle."

The Dylan-Haggard tour lasts through the end of April, with five shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Haggard is still promoting his 2004 standards album, 'Unforgettable.' He'll be releasing an album of original material later this year, which will include a duet with country star Toby Keith.

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Merle is following in Willie's footsteps. Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan toured minor league ball parks together last summer. And of course Toby Keith and Willie recorded "Beer For My Horses" not too long ago.

I wonder why Dylan suddenly has such a fetish for touring with Outlaws? :)

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