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Yet another reason why DOGS RULE and cats drool!!!


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OK, lets see your lazy cat that does nothing but eat, sleep, and scratch up expensive leather furniture DO THIS!

This little video clip has been known to raise ones spirits, but can lead to one dancing with their DOG while singing "Youre the one that I want" from the GREASE soundtrack! SO BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE WATCHING!!

PS. Hey Mods, sorry, it has been awhile... does this belong in FUN AND GAMES?

...it's electrifying! eww eww eww

youre the one that I want eww eww eww ....

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Folks, don't trust Brian. He's just a big ole cat. :laughing:

PS: The video is really great. What a dog!

OMG! I need to change my avatar quick before the cat lovers check out this thread!!

Just like Lucy, I've got some esssplaining to do! You see folks, there are two types of animals in my books...

1) Domesticated animals: DOGS RULE in particular Golden Labs. No Mystery there!

2) Wild Animals: LIONS RULE I dont think I could ever NOT watch a documentary about lions. I just think they are an amazing species!

Now, just for clarification here are some scenarios that will aid you to determine on whether I am a dog lover or a LION lover....

1) Lets say I am flying over South Africa (aka LION territory) with my trusty Golden Lab, Jake, and the plane crashes. If Jake survives, I will always be a dog lover. I remain loyal to my first love! Now if a lion tries to eat Jake, again I am loyal to my first love, even if it means killing said lion.

2) Now if plane crashes and Jake dies in the crash. I would be sad. But then I would be very happy if a lion came up to me woke me up by licking my face, and leading me back to safety. And NO, I would not let lion eat Jake, he would get a proper burial!!

3) All other plane crashes in all other countries/continents resulting in either the life or death of Jake, it should be known that I am and always will be a dog lover!


OMG... I am going to sing "You better shape up, eww eww eww.." all the way to the shrinks office! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Hmmm, depending on how many vistis you make this year to 'dog lovers anonymous' we MAY let you slide for that last c-a-t remark.

Your overall passing grade will be determined by other DLA memebers observing your conduct at various sporting events. Just remember when your team scores, you are to sing the song... WHO LET THE DOGS OUT and then repeatedly bark like a dog! ARGH ARGH ARGH!!! Got it?

We are watching you very closely so dont risk any of your other remaining lives by making such irrational statements about c-a-t-s! :)

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Dogs are more dependant on you, they need to go out three times a day and they rule, but I prefer cats. My cat is like a little furry ball, she´s so funny and if you cut the point of her claws she won´t destroy your furniture. And you can go out for the weekend without feeling guilty. Anyway, I love bears but they don´t smeel good so I can´t have one at home...

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