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The Myths of Led Zeppelin


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I love Led Zeppelin. I also love how much controversey they seemed to stir "back in the day". Here are some of the rumours/stories/myths I have heard:

- Plant and Page were into the Occult stuff ( I think thats actually true)

- The band sold their souls to the devil to make it big.

- Stairway played backwards says...well, everyone knows that one.

- Stairway to Heaven was conceived by Plant and Page at the same time and written in an hour, so therefore the devil helped ( this one is coming from a religion teacher at my school, who absolutely hates Led Zeppelin)

- The incredible infamous "Red Snapper" incident. Very disgusting, I'm not going to describe it, but I hear it involved only Bonham and the manager. If you want to find out more about this one...google it, or maybe another brave soul will post it.

Thoughts on any of these?

:rockon: :guitar: :drummer: :rockon:

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