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Dear Daddy

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Well I wrote this one at my bros, I dunno what its inspired by, I suppose it has the reverse meaning as ZOE JANE by STAIND but I really dont know...anyways tell me what you think guys...thanks!


Dear Daddy,

You don?t know me,

But I remember you

I can remember the times you?d come home drunk

I can remember mommy always crying,

I can remember mommy spending hours masking her bruises,

Mommy was always strong,

Mommy never wanted to betray you

But she went about this wrong?

You see mommy couldn?t take it anymore

Instead of leaving you, she left the world

She couldn?t take your drinking,

She couldn?t take your abuse

Now I lay here tonight,

I mourn the loss of my mother,

I lay here and I blame you

It was you and your selfishness

It was you and you drinking

It was you and your abuse

It was you and your cheating

It was you and your lies!

It was ALL YOU!

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This is really good. It also makes me think(as I always do with suicide)that Mom was a little selfish too. If she was going to stick around, then she should have stuck, cause now she has left this child with...whom?

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Good point windy, thats kinda how I have felt as well. This poem has just opened a big bag o'worms!

A teen my brother knows at his school, committed suicide recently, jumping from Hells Mouth (near where I live).

All because of financial difficulties, two children have lost their mother. It really makes me sad that no-one realised she was in trouble and that she never felt she could tell anyone. Alot of people do want to help, I just wish they would come forward more...

Anyway, R.I.P Craig's Mum, I'm sorry I never knew your name. This is the last thing you would have seen, something so beautiful, yet so very scary...maybe an eye-opener for everyone.

hellmouth.jpg" height="250" width="350

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Wow Foxy, how very odd, to have a picture and make that connection. That just gave me a chill, seriously, but was actually a very kind thing to do. Such a beautiful spot but then, maybe not. Just goes to show, there are some people that would never find that spot beautiful. How sad.

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Sorry it gave you a chill windy!!

I kinda felt funny when I searched for that photo, but I've never had the nerve to stand at the edge of Hells Mouth, as it is well-known here in West Cornwall as the place to go if you want to end it all. The brother of a family friend drove his car straight over the edge when he was 18 (about 20 yrs ago), there are many many stories of that place that I have heard, some about people who have jumped voluntarily, and others who didn't go voluntarily...it's an odd place. Very beautiful on a Summers day, but when you think of what people have turned it into, it really is an awful place.

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