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Favorite Band Logos

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forget who, but someone asked how to put pics on here. Well go to google, find the picture, click on it, click on where it says see full size image, come back here, click image, type in URL for pic, and voila!

The doors have a cool one


and Im not a big fan of prince, but I like how he changed his name to Prince-logo.gif

Also like ACDCs logo acdc5001.jpg

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Windy, the easiest way is to do a google search on your favorite band name, but look it up under Images. Then go through the pictures that are shown, you may have to go through a few pages to find the exact one. Then when you're posting, click on "Image" where the UBB Code's are listed & enter the address in the text bar provided.

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I've never been quite sure why I like this logo. ::


Windy, find the shot you like, right click on it, select properties,

highlight and copy the entire URL,

then, when making the post, select "Image" in

the "Instant UBB Code" box just to the right

of the "Instant Graemlins" paste the URL that

you have copied in the "Explorer User Prompt"

box and click OK. That should do it.

edit- I see Mind beat me to it. ::

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