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Songs you love to hate...


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I liked Seinfeld ... especially Kramer. But I must say, you have made me laugh out loud on many, many ocassions on this board. Batman, Old 55, Uncle Joe, Edna, on and on ... all have made me laugh a lot. In fact, THIS site is better than Seinfeld. So many rich characters and funny on-going themes. Like any sitcom, one has to stay tuned awhile to appreciate the plots and sub-plots. Good schtuff!

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There is a song out now, I don't know the 'artist' that did this but it makes me want to take a ball-peen hammer to my radio every time it comes on. It uses a small clip from Ray Charles' "I Got A Woman". The "She gives me money, when I'm in need" phrase, then loops it over and over and over until you are ready to throw whomever did this into a tree-chipper. And the 'urban' radio stations in these parts play this 'song' over and over....


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I just heard a remake of the old Extreme song, "More Than Words". Now, first of all, this just may be the worst song ever recorded (except for one or two by Phil Collins, of course). But for someone to remake it...and actually make it WORSE than the original....is beyond belief! Why? Why would somebody do such a thing?! How could anyone have such limited talent that they would have to remake THAT song?!


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