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Is Metal DEAD?

Van Mozart

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The North American metal scene is unfortunately dieing out. Some of the greatest metal bands to ever grace metal fan ears have never even played a date in this continent, e.g. Sentenced. Meanwhile over in Europe the metal scene is going strong with a huge fan base and great media support, while here in North America we are forced to listen to the latest bulls**t treads that corporate sponsors believe will make them move more product. One look at the lineup for WOA and various other major metal festivals Europe hosts and you quickly see that metal isn?t dead. It?s just not a big enough cash cow here in North America to be popular in a lot of peoples eyes.

Kai Hansen, Gamma Ray

"I think the metal scene in Europe is more vital and it's maybe more true in a way because in America I know it's more or less up to the bands. A lot of bands in America are just following trends and a lot of people who make music in America don't just make music for the sake of making music...they do it just to get famous, to get rich, to be somebody. I think that's not the point about making music. You have to do it because you love to do it and not because you want to be somebody. You have to be somebody first as a person and then comes the second part being somebody for the public."

Steve Kachinsky, Steel Prophet

"I think a lot of it is that there's strong press over there. In Germany you have Rock Hard, Heavy or what magazine, Metal Hammer and in each of these European countries you have some rather large magazines with good circulation and they get the word out about the underground bands. I think that's got a lot to do with it and that in turn means you get new listeners coming in. When we toured with Gamma Ray and Edguy, we'd look out into the audience and it wasn't like a metal show here in the US where it's mostly people over 30 because there you see plenty of teenagers, people in their early 20's and you see some older headbangers too of course. It's still gaining respect and popularity with younger people over there and that's kind of what I see it NOT doing here.

Mark Briody, Jag Panzer

"It's so different over there. It's like MTV has control over no anyone's mind over there."

Jon Drenning, Crimson Glory

"Over in Europe it's as big as it ever was right now. That wave of metal is coming to the shores of America as we speak."

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"There has been a terrible tremor in the Force ... as though an unmentionable creature has grown in age and experience, emerging from the pits , and will be even more frustrating than before ..."



EA , you ol' trapper ! :: You should emmigrate to Canada and nab bear, fox, mink, etc !

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