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this frozen rose

dmb recommendations, please?

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i admit, i'm not too familiar with any of their songs. i don't seek out the cds, don't know any names, but i do know that when i hear some of their songs i like them. even before i know it's them. so i'm thinking i need to educate myself in dave matthews. some good song to check out for a newbie would be excellent.

also, i do remember one of their videos quite vividly. but i can't for the life of me remeber the name of the song, or even the chorus to it. the video was with that guy in the trucker hat with the mullet going around randomly distributed hugs to stangers throughout the day. please! help me with the name of this one!!! i'd really like to download it. the video always made me happy. it's one of my personal happy songs.

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The video you mention is the one for "Everyday". Good song!

Some good DMB songs (okay, the ones I like best):

Crash Into Me

So Much To Say

Too Much

Ants Marching

What Would You Say

Tripping Billies

These tracks are off of the albums "Under the Table and Dreaming" and "Crash". They have more, but I find some of their more recent stuff a bit boring.

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