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Cut Rate Cougar...John Cougar that is

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Mellencamp Disgusted With Concert Ticket Prices

Singer John Mellencamp is so terrified music fans blame artists for escalating concert ticket prices; he's dramatically cut entrance fees to his forthcoming tour.

The folk-rocker has struck a deal to make tickets for his joint tour with Donovan in April and May affordable for everyone, because he's shocked by the amount profit promoters are making from loyal fans.

The 53-year-old says, "I was embarrassed on my last tour how expensive tickets were. I had friends of mine going, 'John, it's kind of expensive for us to come out and see you.'"

"And it made me think, 'If my friends are saying that to me, how about a person with a big phone bill and house payment?' I don't think you can blame the artists for anything... Sometimes the corporate side of things becomes a little greedy, and ticket prices escalate to $300 to $400 each."

(Give some back John.) "But if you ask for a rise, it's no surprise they're giving none away"


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Yes, but will you remember the concert without sniping about the ticket prices every time? I'd rather have a memory of a great night out, watching a great band, without the memory of an empty wallet to go with it.

What they're charging is outrageous. It's the fans who put them where they are - they'd be nothing without our support. It's a kick in the teeth for them to be sucking us dry.

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