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Best Songs To Play On Guitar.


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At the Action Music I go to for gear and lessons half of the songs named were banned from being played within the store, such as:

Sweet Home Alabama

Anything by Metalica, Korn and similar artists

Stairway to Heaven

Iron Man

and the list goes on for a total of 13

as well as tapping! (Unless your Eddie Vanhalen himself a sign reads)

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And for a change of pace...

Traction in the Rain('71)

by David Crosby

A6 A11 A6 A7sus2 A6 A11 A6 A7sus2 A6

It's hard enough, I know


To find the strength to go

A6 A7sus2

Back to where it all began


It's hard to enough to gain


Any traction in the rain

A6 A7sus2

You know its hard for me to understand


Am7 F#m7+5/A

Hard to find a way

Am7 F#m7+5/A

To get through another city day

Am7 F#m7+5/A

Without thinking about

Am7 F#m7+5/A A6

Gettin' out

Now the strangest thing I've seen

Was a t-shirt turning green

In envy of turtle dove

The dove's lady was the cause

Or maybe it was the olive branch she held in her claws

Or maybe he could see they were in love


You know it's hard for me to find a way

To get through another city day

Without thinking about

Gettin' out


A6: 0 0 11 11 10 0 A11: 0 0 12 12 12 0 A7sus2: 0 0 9 9 8 0

Am7: 0 0 5 5 5 5 F#m7+5/A: 0 0 7 7 7 7

NOTE: Immediately after each F#m7+5/A return to Am7 position and hammer on

a note from the 5th fret to 7th fret on the 4th string

_ _ _ _ _

also, get a Rolling Stones songbook,

you'll flip out on the chord progressions.

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Man it has been forever since I've posted here.

Alter Bridge - Find The Real

Make sure you you tune down half a step and use drop D tuning, C# in this case. This song is fun to play just because it's so melodic and heavy at the same time.

Rage Against the Machine -

Killing In The Name A really cool riff.

Depending on your hit on / pull off skills, you might be able to play Lynyrd Skynyrd - I know a little







Soundgarden - Fell on Black Days

You might be able to play the beginning of The Satch's - Satch Boogie

Good luck with your guitar playing. :rockon:

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I´m helping my husband now with Creedence Clearwater Revival... "Looking out my back door" and "Lodi"...it´s very simple but it does rock!

I always make punk covers of stuff like "there´s a kind of hush" or "96 Tears"...

Do a punk version of Wooley Bully...you'll love it.

It is extremely fun to bang out You Really Got Me, All Day and All of the Night, Where have All The Good Times Gone" Old Kinks stuff still rocks.

Download Power Tabs and you'll never look back. You can write your own tabs on the site and print out. You can look up the tabs to any song, download, press play and the site plays back how the tabs should sound, highlighting each note as it's played. Also try Wholenote.com for lessons, tabs, create your own songs, etc.

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Oh yeah, the riff for Schools Out is easy and fun too.


Guitar one







| |

|Guitar two tr= trill |







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