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A very hard list to choose from as each selection is great in it's own right.

After playing each of the selections in my head I've also come to the masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon.

Oh, the Dark Side of Oz was great once I finally got the synch correct. (just an instant after the lion's third roar)

My two favorite parts were when the bells started ringing exactly when Mrs. Gulch comes riding in on her bike and the end of the synch when Dorothy starts tapping on the tin man's chest exactly when the heart starts beating.

Definitely a fascinating coincidence IMO. There were other coincidences but not as potent as the two I just mentioned.

Oh, might as well add the part where Dorothy was balancing on the pig pen fence exactly when the lyrics, "balanced on the biggest wave" were playing. When she fell the music changed to a more drastic, instrumental sound.

There's many more but I won't bore you. The funny thing about the Dark Side of Oz phenomenon is that either one sees it or they don't. My nephew is a huge fan of Pink Floyd but does not see or have the attention span to see the synch matches. It's weird.

Either you will find it amazing or you will say hogwash. I was skeptical myself, especially trying it the first few times because just a millisecond off throws the whole synch outta whack.

I've played it for friends and half are amazed and the other half are bored within the first few minutes.

That's the main part I find amazing.

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Back in Black and Metallica's Black album are hugely overrated. Everyone knows that "Master of Puppets" pounds the Black album into the dirt any day of the week.

And nothing will ever beat the early Bon Scott-era AC/DC albums. If you don't own the Australian versions of their first 3 LPs, then get them immediately. It's the only way to own that music. (High Voltage - June 1975, TNT, December 1975, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, October 1976). All are available on Albert Productions through EMI and even if you get second hand vinyl imported from Australia it's worth the trouble. Besides that there's a heap of music that has never been released outside Australia on them too which makes all the more worthwhile.

It's a toss up between Dark Side and Appetite for me, but they are both great for different reasons and really cannot be compared to one another. They're both great in the own ways but not the same way. Zep IV is great too but I've kinda overplayed it and I'm a bit over it.

And Why Hell Freezes Over is on that list is beyond description. That album is in no way anywhere near the grand standing of Dark Side or Appetite or Zep IV or anything else on that list.

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I voted for Zep IV, but only because there were no Stones albums (Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed) on the list, and because Zep II and Physical Graffiti weren't there either. And it's hard to leave "Who's Next" off the list. Good poll, though.

And two great, great albums that don't get the recognition they deserve are Cooper's "Love It To Death" and Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars".

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:

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Led Zeppelin IV, from what's listed. It's not my favorite album by them, nor do I feel it's their greatest. Darkside of the Moon is another good choice, but the overall greatness of Pink Floyd was expressed throughout all of their set, which makes it hard to select a certain album to represent them. The greatest album of all time, IMO was Revolver, which wasn't listed.

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"Pronounced Lynyrd Skynyrd" is by far my favorite from the above list. That album just rocks!! Led Zeppelin and The Eagles were the only other bands on the list that I listen to regularly, though I have albums from all of them except G&R.

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