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Reward for Safe Return of Slash's Hat...

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Slash's Hat Stolen

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash was left devastated after his trademark top hat was stolen at this month's Grammy Awards.

The former Guns N' Roses rocker had worn the same headgear for 15 years, but is now looking for a replacement after the hat was taken from the back of the band's limousine.

A source says, "Slash was livid. There's no amount of money that can replace it."


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I beg of you..help Slash find his hat so we can get off this news story..


Slash Gets Help From TV Show to Locate Top Hat

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash has asked a TV show to help him recover his trademark top hat, which was recently stolen from his limousine.

The former Guns N' Roses rocker was devastated when he learned the hat had been stolen at the Grammy Awards. His wife Perla also had some of her personal items taken.

And now the British-born star is urging anybody with information on the whereabouts of the stolen property to contact the TV show Celebrity Justice as soon as possible.

Slash, real name Saul Hudson, had worn the same hat for 15 years before it was taken.

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I feel really bad for him! I mean, obviously he has some attachment to the damn thing so it's gotta be a little devastating. I literally gasped in shock when I heard this. Like, the kind of gasp you do when you find out 15 people have been massed murdered...thats how I reacted to a stolen hat... :laughing:(the murdering part isn't funny though)

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Slash Gets His Hat Back

Velvet Revolver rocker Slash has his trademark hat back after a Los Angeles clothing company offered $5,000 for it.

The former Guns N' Roses star's top hat was stolen from a limousine at the Grammys last month, leaving the guitarist both distraught and annoyed.

But now Slash has his hat back, thanks to the founders of rock clothing line BC Ethic.

BC Ethic boss Mark Zacker tells the news show Celebrity Justice, "I had a gentleman call me and he asked to talk to me about the reward, he wanted to know if he could come down, if we could meet him in a private place."

"Supposedly somebody came up to him and they'd found it on Hollywood Boulevard and he had bought the hat for $50. He didn't know what it was."

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