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The unsafest cities in the US


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City State Population Crimes per 1,000

St. Louis Missouri 350,336 150.2

Atlanta Georgia 426,511 122.4

Kansas City Missouri 444,267 112.5

Tampa Florida 311,310 111.9

Memphis Tennessee 655,898 99.8

Tucson Arizona 503,461 98.8

Columbus Ohio 712,748 96.2

Baltimore Maryland 660,826 96.1

Miami Florida 371,863 94.9

Detroit Michigan 956,283 94.3

Dallas Texas 1,215,553 91.3

Nashville Tennessee 555,059 90.4

Oklahoma City Oklahoma 507,517 90.4

Albuquerque New Mexico 451,098 87.7

Toledo Ohio 314,183 86.3

Cincinnati Ohio 331,880 83.8

San Antonio Texas 1,170,622 82.4

Seattle Washington 572,345 80.5

Portland Oregon 537,081 80.4

Fresno California 435,600 79.6

Charlotte-Mecklenburg North Carolina 636,459 78.2

Washington District of Columbia 571,822 77.0

Phoenix Arizona 1,366,542 76.8

Milwaukee Wisconsin 601,229 76.1

Omaha Nebraska 390,456 75.6

Tulsa Oklahoma 394,125 74.5

New Orleans Louisiana 484,289 74.5

Fort Worth Texas 546,828 74.0

Sacramento California 414,582 74.0

Fresno, CA?! What the...? I was surprised LA, NY, and Chicago didn't make the list.

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Isn't there another one in Maine? I thought for sure Gary, Indiana would make the list again, but I think the size of their population isn't big enough or somethin'. But, seriously, Fresno?! Not Compton, Watts, or South Central? Has cow-tipping taken a lead in crime statistics :jester:

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I knew I was living in the most unsafe city in America. I hoped no one else did. Thanks. I actually don't live in St. Louis, but right across the Missouri River. Every night on the news, at least 3 murders or violent crimes. That's just the ones that get reported on tv.

You wouldn't really associate statistics like that with St. Louis would you? I never thought so, the heart of the midwest and all. :: :beady:

I just realized, we are one of the smaller cities too. That kind of makes it worse. The major cities don't have the same problem. Guess you see where our priorities lie! :beady:

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And if someone walks into a liquor store in *Podunk, Iowa and shoots the clerk tell me.......how safe was that city for the clerk? Time and place folks.

The big cities didn't make it because of the "per 1,000" clause. LOL...Philly safer than Tampa huh? Whoda thunk it?

* I apologize to all Podunkians out there. I meant no insult.

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I love New York, just as everybody... but I thought it would have been among the unsafest cities of the US... not that I ever had any problem there, not my case, but I´ve been hearing that from my family who lives there since I was a baby...

I think New York's crimes per 1,000 people is offset by the number of peole living there. New York city has a population just over 8,000,000. If the number of crimes per 1,000 residents is 70, that puts the number at 560,000 crimes. That's a lot. That's around 1 1/2 crimes per person in Minneapolis.

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The big cities didn't make it because of the "per 1,000" clause. LOL...Philly safer than Tampa huh? Whoda thunk it?

How do you think I feel? I think Tampa is so crime-ridden is because 80% of the people here are from elsewhere - New York, Boston, Philly, etc etc. We've got the cream of the crop. Just kidding mostly. Tampa's got a good vibe for the most part. Just gotta know where not to go.

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Gosh, my town didn't make the list? Well, no one has heard of Manassas. Okay, honestly, though, some kids yelled "You're car sucks" out the bus window, and they pulled a gun. It's rather messed up, really. This, I must say, is one of the reasons I absolutely adore this town. Except I can't stand living here...

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