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Best musical decade (in the last century)


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While the 50's spawned the roots of rock from an amalgem of swing, folk, country, blues and big band, the decade of the 60's saw the purest revolution in rock advancements and music's future in general. Songwriting by the performing group or individual as opposed to relying on outsourcing to tin pan alley writers became paramount in the 60's. This opened wider the gates of musical expression than ever before. The parallel of receptivity of mass cultural changes (Woodstock happened in the 60's) with musical changes was never more profound than in the 60's (with a close second place going to the 20's.) The 60's bands did not need the 50's as much as the 70's groups needed the 60's. These are some of the reasons I chose the 60's over the 70's, though the 70's saw some really dynamite music (I did have to penalize the 70's decade 40 points for disco and Boy George.)

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