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Best musical decade (in the last century)


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I had to go with the 60s. Bands that came out then had styles that still influence music to this very day... Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin (okay, really late 60s), Hendrix.... the list goes on and on....

I kept those very bands in my mind so even though Hendrix died and the Beatles broke up in 1970 I still consider them being a part of the 70's, even if it was only one year. :P

Luckily the Stones and Zep kept rocking on.

Another thing too is I consider the 70's the greatest decade of my life. Most of my fondest memories of music, TV, friends, sex and fun occured during that decade of my mortal journey.

In the '70s, when I heard a new song on the radio, the majority of the time, it was good and I wanted to buy it. Today, when I hear a new song on the radio, the majority of the time I change the channel to a classic rock station playing '70s music.

I used to look forward to buying a new album from, say Pink Floyd. The albums sometimes were fold-outs and contained posters and lyrics and even stickers and other goodies.

Today, if I deem a cd worth buying it is a tiny jewel that is almost impossible to open and most of the time will not even carry information on the band! Further, most of the time, the song that I buy the CD for is the only good song on it! It didn't use to be this way. Another thing about CDs verses albums, now call me old fashioned but I swear that an album sounds better to me than a CD! To me an album has more "bite." CDs, are also very easy to damage IMO and once one is it's ruined. An album on the other hand can get a little nick and all it takes is a penny on the stylus. ::

Even further, the little creaks and crackles I hear between the songs on the album and during the breaks will bring back more memories than the darn song! :laughing:

In the '70s, when you bought Dark Side of the Moon for Money, Second Helping for Sweet Home Alabama, Paranoid for Iron Man, Toys in the Attic for Walk this Way or Molly Hatchet for Dreams etc.etc., you more than likely fell in love with all the songs and even found some you liked better than the one you bought it for!

Those were the days!

Give me back the '70s! Stingrays and good lays...

...potato chips!

Get your minds outta the gutter people!!!


Oh Sara, if you are reading this cancel the giant squid. I now wanna be a stingray! =:P

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The 50's and 60's started it all, but the best hard rock came out in the 70's. In the 70's, rock and roll had progressed to the point where not everything sounded the same, and the electric guitar truly became king!! The evolution began in the late 60's with the Stones (Let It Bleed), The Who (Tommy), and Zeppelin (Zep I & II), but even most of their best work was done in the 70's.

Even the solo Beatles' stuff seemed catchier in the 70's. Examples: Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy", George's "What Is Love", John's "Whatever Gets You Though the Night", and Paul's whole "Band on the Run" album. It just seemed that the great ones all matured somewhat in the 70's.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:

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I have a strange feeling like nothing has been done since Patti Smith (1975). But looking back, I remember the 60s: that´s the greatest decade, no doubt, everything grew up in the 60´s. OK, we were born in the 50s (54, birth of rock and roll as they call it) but beatles, stones, byrds, dylan, beach boys, bee gees, velvet underground, hendrix, clapton, janis, greatefull dead, etc... grew in the 60s. During the 80s we used to say the 70s were a bad decade for music: much too ELP, King Crimson, Yes,... but now I see that it was a great decade, because of ELP, KC, Yes... and Bowie, and Lou Reed, disco, punk, blondie, ramones, talking heads, bob seger, jjcale, springsteen, dire straits, roxy music,clapton...ouf! My mind got wide open and I think the best decade for music was 62-85. The Smiths, Cure, Duran Duran, Suzanne Vega, REM, and little good stuff was done. The point is, what can you still create/enhance/expect after all those music monsters? I learned to like all kind of music, from Tuxedo Moon till Carpenters, not forgeting Nirvana, Leonard Cohen, Philip Glass or... Smashmouth, for instance!

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