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The new album from Bruce....

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I'm a Jersey guy and somewhere in my contract it says I have to love Springsteen...but I don't. The Songfacts gang comes from places far and wide...what is the opinion out there of BS?

Springsteen Goes it Alone on New Album

United Press International

The E Street Band is again missing from New Jersey rocker Bruce Springsteen's next album.

'Devils & Dust,' which is scheduled for an April 26 release, is billed solely to Springsteen, his first solo album since 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' in 1995.

Members of the E Street Band do contribute to the album, however, which features 12 new songs recorded in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Rumson, New Jersey.

"The nice thing about where we're at this point is we're pretty free to do whatever we want. It gives you a lot of freedom to just make your music," Springsteen says of his relationship with the E Street Band, which he formed in the early '70s, disbanded it in 1989, regrouped briefly in 1995 and has been working with steadily since 1999 -- including last fall's Vote For Change Tour.

Springsteen will support 'Devils & Dust' with a tour that is expected to include solo dates as well as small ensemble and full band concerts.

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I'm a Jersey girl and I like a lot of his music, but I haven't fulfilled my contractual obligation to see him in concert. It's on my list. However, if he's not goin to tour with the E Street Band, then maybe I'll skip this go-round.

I saw Bruce once. I was at opening night of the Continental Airlines arena. this was before any sports, concerts, etc. I managed opening night tickets to see Bruce. Good show. But the worst Queen show I ever saw was better than that.

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I never saw Bruce Springsteen on stage and I guess I won´t do it... I like him very much and was a fan twenty years ago, but for some reason I couldn´t go to a couple of his shows I was supposed to go. But it´s well known that his performances are really exciting... and also that he won´t leave the stage until 3 or 4 hours, which is exhausting for me...

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