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"Black Sabbath" Best British Albums of All Time..


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Two Black Sabbath albums made it...no Beatles, Bowie, Stones or Who...how can that be?


'Black Sabbath' Named Best British Rock Album

Ozzy Osbourne's former band Black Sabbath's eponymous 1970 album has been named the Best British Rock Album of all time.

Iron Maiden ranked second in the list compiled by British magazine Kerrang! with their 1982 album 'Number of the Beast.'

The notorious Sex Pistols came in third place with their era-defining 1977 disc 'Nevermind The B**locks.'

The Top Ten British Rock Albums are:

1. Black Sabbath - 'Black Sabbath'

2. Iron Maiden - 'Number of the Beast'

3. Sex Pistols - 'Never Mind The B**locks'

4. Led Zeppelin - 'IV'

5. Black Sabbath - 'Paranoid'

6. Muse - 'Absolution'

7. The Clash - 'London Calling'

8. Queen - 'Sheer Heart Attack'

9. Iron Maiden - 'Iron Maiden'

10. Manic Street Preachers - 'The Holy Bible'

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jealous about what exactly? i like some of the bands in the list, i just think its just biased because it was compiled by kerrang which is a hard rock/heavy metal type magazine, and that is reflected in the bands that have been chosen

That was a joke, don't get so offended. My sense of humour really is different from people here. :rockon:

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