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Wow this was a good idea. Well here goes nothing. Some of these will be repeats of the original post though.

Lead vocals-Freddy Mercury

Guitar-Jimmy Page

Guitar/Vocals- Eric Clapton


Keyboards/Vocals- Billy Joel

Drummer- Mitch Mitchell

Songwriters-Practically everybody mentioned above plus Roger Waters.

I feel weird about putting only one Zeppelin member and no Stones or AC/DC, but I think this would be a freaking awesome band!

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Guitar-Jimmy Page

Guitar-Jimi Hendrix

Guitar-Eric Clapton

Drums-John Bonham

Drums-Keith Moon

Bass-John Entwistle

Bass-John Paul Jones

Keyboard-Ray Manzarek

Keyboard-Rick Wakeman

Vocals-Robert Plant

Vocals-Freddie Mercury

Vocals-Jack Bruce

Vocals-David Bowie

Sorry can't decide between a lot of them

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John Lennon, voc & rhythm guitar

Bob Seger, voc & rhythm guitar

Eric Clapton & Mick taylor, lead guitar

Carly Simon & Grace Slick, lead female vocals

Mick Jagger, guest male vocal

Al Kooper, keyboards

Jim Horn, horns

Jim Keltner, drums

Chepito Areas, percussion

Pappa John Creach, fiddle

performing my fave songs!

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Don Henley & David Bowie on male vocals

Grace Slick & Stevie Nicks on female vocals

Johnny Ramone, Keith Richards & Ace Frehley on guitars

John Paul Jones & Dee Dee Ramone on bass

Ginger Baker & Keith Moon on drums

Bob Seger & Mick Jagger as guest vocalists

Songwriters: John Lennon & Paul McCartney


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