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The Brits 2005 Winners

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Well here's the list:

(Apologies if it's been posted already but I couldn't see it?)

Robbie Williams - BRITs25 The Best Song Award

Keane - British Breakthrough Act :)

Franz Ferdinand - British Rock Act :)

Scissor Sisters - International Breakthrough Act

Muse - British Live Act

Will Young - Your Game - Best British Single

McFly - Pop Act

Gwen Stefani - International Female Solo Art

Eminem - International Male Solo Artist

The Streets - Male Solo Artist

Joss Stone - British Female Solo

Joss Stone - British Urban Act

Scissor Sisters - International Group

Franz Ferdinand - British Group

Scissor Sisters - International Album

Keane - British Album

Sir Bob Geldof - Outstanding Contribution to music :bow:

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Robbie Williams - ex Take That member, male vocals kinda pop

Keane - Awesome britpop band :rockon:

Franz Ferdinand - Brilliant rock :rockon:

Scissor Sisters - They're from the States. Dance/pop

Muse - Incredible rock band :rockon:

Will Young - Winner of Pop Idol, male pop

McFly - Pop Act

Gwen Stefani - ex No Doubt, female pop

The Streets - Funny pop/hip hoppyish :laughing:

Joss Stone - young female pop/r 'n b

Sir Bob Geldof - Boomtown Rats, but I think you knew that one already ;)

(please don't have a go at me if you disagree with what categories I've put the bands/artists in :) )

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Since most of my favourite newer bands are British I made sure to tune in. Keane's album is awesome, IMO, and I'm glad they also won Breakthrough Act. :bow:

I am a little disappointed that Kasabian didn't win anything but... Go Franz Ferdinand! :rockon:

I'm not really into most of the other acts (especially the 'pop' ones), though I do like a couple of the Streets' songs. ::

Also, while I do like "Angels", I can't agree that it's the best of the past 25 years...

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Also, while I do like "Angels", I can't agree that it's the best of the past 25 years...

yeah well, it was going to win though, i had predicted it a while back in another thread. the guy was voted best act of the 90s out of Radiohead, Nirvana, Oasis, Blur, The Prodigy and The spice girls (no comment about the latter)!

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