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I'm a Scorpio (Nov.7) and I am not much like my description:

the Watery Scorpio Character

Scorpio THE SCORPION is the sign of the investigator

The intensity and passion generated by Scorpio makes them an unforgettable partner in love. They take their love affairs very seriously, which can lead to much jealousy. They are also very secretive which can make it hard for them to confront romantic problems.

The bright side

Scorpios often get a bad press! They have very intense personalities with hidden depths, though they have great compassion being able to reach out to troubled people.

Being deeply emotional themselves, Scorpios understand and accept the feelings that other signs cannot handle. Scorpio is not afraid in the dark, this sign often makes an ideal therapist. Many doctors and surgeons are Scorpios. They have incredible personal magnetism and often make loyal, devoted, friends and lovers.

Powerful feelings and emotions, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, subtle, persistent, determined . (This is like me, but I don't consider myself that intense)

The dark side

Scorpios have a hidden and secretive side. They are not averse to using their deep understanding of others to gain power over them for their own ends. Scorpio has a fascination for power, how it is used and how to hold other people with it.

Sometimes this can extend to cruelty, Scorpio is vindictive and brooding, a sign that never forgets a grudge. Scorpio is prone to having an inner self destruct button, which they push compulsively from time to time. (Not me at all, I'm not cruel. Sometimes I can say something hurtful or stupid, but generally, I'm not like this).

over emotional, hypersensitive, moody, devious, changeable, self-pitying, unforgiving, unstable, gullible, untidy. (I'll go with hypersensitive and sometimes gullibe...the rest....nah)


Bladder disorders, cystitis, genito-urinary diseases, piles, prostate trouble, PMT.

Beneficial foods

Prunes and hops.

You are most compatible with

Pisces - absolutely superb,

Taurus - a rewarding relationship,

Aries - long lasting ,(my husband's an Aries)

Cancer - paradise,

Libra - heady stuff,

Leo - a powerful attraction.

Absolutely no chance!

Scorpio - nuclear explosion,

Gemini - volatile,

Sagittarius - can be strained (my daughter's a Saggitarius...see me in 10 years or so, when she's a "Tween")

Aquarius - up and then down.

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24th August. That makes me a Virgo. Or on the cusp of Virgo and Leo.

The Earthy Virgo Character

Virgo THE VIRGIN is the sign of the critic, the technician

Virgo, you may be shy, introverted, and self-conscious on the surface, but when love comes your way, you relax and blossom! Virgos find it hard to express love, they have a thoughtful approach and always look before they leap.

The Bright Side

The Virgo character is marked by a sharp intellect which is typically used to analyse the natural order. Virgos are methodical, oh so precise, and are attracted to only that knowledge that can be applied usefully. They will happily share this information with anyone, it confirms their own usefulness in the world, and brings them eagerly out of there shells. Virgo pursues very how standards born out of realism and a tight grip on their environment, rather than any chase of high ideals.

Caution is a Virgo trait which if used positively will give them a fine sense of discrimination between practical ideas and those to be left in the sky. Virgos will usually develop this skill to improve themselves and their surroundings as they place great pride in tangible achievements.

Discriminating, fastidious, analytical, meticulous, modest, precise.

The Dark Side

In their urge to label, organise, and precisely understand all things in life, Virgo can become rather obsessed with the whole idea of "order". Anything that upsets this harmony and understanding could expose them to the terrors of the unknown! For Virgos "there is a place for everything, and everything has its place". Virgo will do anything to achieve this state.

Fussy, self conscious, cynical, hypercritical, finicky, over-conforming, over cautious at times.

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I'm wondering if this girl in my vis arts class is a Scorpio. Man, she's a lot of fun to talk with and is good looking. Uh-oh. I'm getting that jumping-bean feeling again. I feel restless. I'm in love! :googly: It could just be indigestion, but I'll go with love 'cause I was saying a lot of stupid things that didn't make any sense :beatnik:

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As a late December arrival, I'm a Capricorn. On the other side, I'm a Rat in the 12-animal-cycle of Chinese Astrology, so I'll mention this alternate view of the stars since the lunar new year has just begun.

The cycle runs like this for the 1980's:

Monkey (1980)

Cock/Rooster/Chicken (1981)

Dog (1982)

Boar/Pig (1983)

Rat (1984)

Ox/Bull (1985)

Tiger (1986)

Hare (1987)

Dragon (1988)

Snake (1989)

Horse (1990)

Ram/Sheep (1991)

As a 1948 Rat, I am supposed to be:

Active, hard-working, steady vs. spontaneous, patient, alert, persevering, humble. However, rats can be stingy, harbor grudges, and burn money on a lover. Also: honest, ambitious, restrained, persistent, given to self-denial, and prone to gossip.


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