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I love....

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Hey y'all. How are we feeling this fine...5th of february?

New thread for you dudes and dudettes to say I love.....(and then obviously what you love not just the little dots although they are very loveable)

I'll start the ball rolling (if that's even a phrase)

I love hugs from people i care about.

Right, everyone join in now!


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I love my boyfriend

I love my friends who don't think they can ditch me whenever they want to (i.e i hate my best friend)

I love when me and my sister find something very very VERY random very funny and cant stop laughing and we end up crying because it's so funny

I love my sis

I love the word cheese

I love my boy (space) friends because they don't judge like girls do

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i love the hugs my boyfriend gives me

i love receiving surprise letters or presents

i love buying new shoes or new handbags

i love coffee in the morning

i love swimming in the sea during the summer

i love listening to music and have people stare at me for singing along

l love the fact that im going home in two weeks for the birth of my first nephew!

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i love:

-my absolutely beautiful friends who are always there for me and always have been there for me even when i didn't know i needed them

-long inane conversations on the phone, online or face to face about anything, everything or absolutely nothing



-getting letters in the MAIL

-receiving an unexpected email or sms just to say 'hi'

-rainy summer days

-my birthday

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I love my family (my husband and daughter...although I love them both very much seperately, I love all of us together even more.)

I love fried green tomatoes...yum.

I love laughing so hard that my stomach hurts and I have tears streaming down my face.

I love hearing the first few notes of a great song.

I love Jack Black and Tenacious D....who'da thunk it? ::

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