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Break up songs to make up again

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One that happens to be playing on the radio right now is The Spinners' I'll Always Love You . It begins..."Though you're breaking my heart, taking my sunshine away..."

Their I'll Be Around is fitting here also.

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How about a CD full of catchy "breakup songs"?

Keahiwai's debut CD, "Local Girls" was dedicated to a string of lousy boyfriends who became grist for this writer/performer female duo. Here are the lyrics to "Over," a local hit in 2001. (Island Groove IGPD 2015)

Over (Malani Makainai & Lei Melket)

I haven't seen you for a while

Where you've been around this time

I miss your loving arms and your charming smile

Why did you choose to leave me behind

Maybe you'll come back to me somehow

maybe things are to stay this way

I miss that love connection now

Baby there's just one thing that I have to say


Are, are we really over

Are, are we really through

Wont, won't you come on over

Cuz, I, I wanna be with you (you, you, you)

Now I'm kicking it with my girls

We're out all night just having fun

I was a fool to think that you were the world

Cuz now I now that you aren't the one


I thought you ssaid you loved me

Why did you treat me this way

Don't tell me that you're sorry

This is the last thing I'm gonna say

I guess, I guess we're really over

I guess, I guess we're really though

So don't, don't you come on over

Cuz I won't be with you (you, you, you)


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