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Doggonit! I spend one day away from the computer (babysittig Sophie) and what happens? Darryl comes slinking back in all tanned and lovely (well, all tanned anyway) from his vacation and posts questions. Darryl, you're a sight for sore eyes. You were missed my friend.

Now, next time you wanna take such a long vacation you're gonna have to clear it with the Songfacts Board of Attendance (BOA). The BOA consists of Earth Angel, Katie_Sane, edna, Sammy,Jr. and me. Plus, you'll need notes from Peaches, ATC and HD Thoreau. LOL..looks like you'll be around here for quite some time.

Anyway... Welcome Back (strains of Karn Evil 9 in background).

"Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends

We're so glad you could attend

Come inside! come inside!"

I'd have gotten the first question wrong, anyway. My choices would have been Respect and Johnny Be Good.

Now, as to the new question....hmmmmmmmm.

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Thanks for the very warm welcome Uncle and Katie. I'm very lucky to have made friends like you (and the rest of the BOA). :googly:

We went for a few long walks and I couldn't wait to get on our bathroom scales to see how much I'd lost; I gained 4 pounds. Must have been all the takeaway food. One night we called the Pizza Hut for a thin and crusty supreme and they sent us Diana Ross. ::

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Oh Lord please not the dreaded Avril Lavigne! ;)


The precocious little girl it was, 2 years ago when she was 18. She is a pretty little thing though I think. 5 Big points to you. I'm going to give the 2 "Honorable Mention" points to Edna, because she had said Bjork before I stipulated it was a female singer. I've yet to see a female celebrity who dresses worse than Bjork. 1 Participation point to all who had a try - thank you everyone !


Annabelle 5

Windy1 5

edna 3

miamisammy 3

Brad37732 2

jrownsdega 2

Kevin28776 2

bazooka 2

HDThoreau 1

katie sane 1

Tenacious Peaches 1

earth-angel 1

bluesboy 1



This is something that most of us on Songfacts have.

Take a well known Movie Title

Remove two of its components

Replace one with another similar one

That's It!


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55, I just reread your post. You didn't tip the guy did you? :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks Carole. I'm glad someone thought my quip was humorous. :)

This latest question must be TOO TOUGH ??? It's a little bit of a riddle, but when you get it you'll think "that was easy really". Just read the 3 steps. What "components" does a Movie Title have? Word/s which are made up of consonants and vowels.


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