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Seven bridges road - The Eagles


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Theres a pretty cool song by the eagles. But, im not sure what its supposed to be called. The internet mislabels songs. Is it called Southern Sky...Stars in the Southern Sky...or Seven Bridges Road?

heres the lyrics...

There are stars

In the Southern sky

Southward as you go

There is moonlight

And moss in the trees

Down the Seven Bridges Road

Now I have loved you like a baby

Like some lonesome child

And I have loved you in a tame way

And I have loved you wild

Sometimes there's a part of me

Has to turn from here and go

Running like a child from these warm stars

Down the Seven Bridges Road

There are stars in the Southern sky

And if ever you decide

You should go

There is a taste of time sweetened honey

Down the Seven Bridges Road

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I really think this song is amazing. They didnt even write it though! A man they new from San Diego California sang it. Theres a live version, and thats what they say at the beginning. Thanks for the songname! I was actually kinda confused. Their song Hole in the World. They harmonize at the end of that too. Ya know what, im just gonna start a thread on the eagles.

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