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Songs That Make You Want To Do The Deed


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AFI - Head like a hole (cover from NIN) and all the other songs from AFI (all though they haven't really a "hot" content) It's just that well DAVEY HIS VOICE IS HOT, nah! :: and oh Depeche mode - enjoy the silence, it get's me in a very romantic song plus if I hear it I have to think about Michael Myers :: and o man I want to hump his leg! :blah: (...no I did not drink any alcohol on this moment.) and Depeche mode - lie to me get's me also in the mood :: Sometimes even Slipknot (corey has a hot voice, admit it god damn it or I'll kill you all :beady:) Ok I'm done crapping for the moment in this topic ::

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Now tell me the truth...Does anyone actually hear the music over all that moaning and groaning?? What the hell does it really matter what song is playing?? I could f*ck to a bunch of lizards playing kazoo, and it would sound like a symphony!!

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :jester: :jester:

I'd rather not have music! A girl's moan is like music to mine ears :headphones: :googly: :D

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Of course "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, that song is undeniably sexy. Coheed and Cambria...mmm Claudio's voice and the melodic guitars...*shudders* lol hmm..."Faint of Hearts" by Coheed and Cambria, "Wester" by AFI, "Of Greetings and Goodbyes" by AFI, "Stay With Me" by Finch, .... for some reason "Memory," "Pretty Girl (The Way)," and "She's the Blade" by Sugarcult are coming to mind as well. Must be something about the dude's voice. Ohhh and "Drain the Blood" by The Distillers. ::

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Usher- Nice N Slow

Boyz II Men - Ill make love to you

504 Boyz - I can tell

Tim McGraw n Faith Hill - Lets make Love

Ja Rule - Murda Me

Ludacris - Whats your fantasy

Usher- Thats What its Made for

Usher - Good Ol Ghetto

Charly McClain - Paradise tonight

Keith Urban - Raining on Sunday

Lonestar - Amazed

Boyzone - I love the way you love me

Ja Rule - Mesmerized

Joe - I wanna know

Jagged Edge - Lets Get Married

Jagged Edge - I promise

Jon B - They dont know

Usher Jon n Luda - Lovers and Friends

Nelly - Paradise

Next - Too Close

Rupee - Tempted to Touch

Usher - Twork it out

Baby Bash n Frankie J - Obsession

Mario - Let me Love you

98 Degrees - I do

Aerosmith - Angel

Lots more but is 4:30 in the morning n I cant think too clearly having not slept yet

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Way back before STDs, AIDS, or SARS, KPOI-FM of Honolulu used to play "Erotica" by Man. If you recall the "orgasm in the diner" scene from "When Harry Met Sally," this was the audio equivalent. Sadly, KPOI-FM was sold to a coporate radio bunch who sold the call letters and turned 97.5Mhz into a talk radio channel. (On FM? What ever for???)

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