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Favorite Movie Soundtracks!

Guns N Zeppelin

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OK, I'm going to show my age here. When I was in High School, I saw a movie called 'Son of Dracula' with Ringo Starr and Harry Nillson. I bought the soundtrack as soon as I got enough money together to do so. Another age clue is that it was on 8-track tape!

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School of Rock has a good soundtrack

the rocky horror picture show

That's what im TALKIN BOUT! Also, The Wall has a great soundtrack. :bow: I'm not sure if anyone answered Opiate's question, but the album came before the movie. The album was 1979, and the movie was 1982 I think. I also like Back To The Future a lot. Dazed and Confused had a good soundtrack, too bad the movie itself sucked. Why would that guy quit the football team to go to an Aerosmith concert?! I wouldn't quit the Chess team to go to an Aerosmith concert.
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I'm not sure if anyone answered Opiate's question, but the album came before the movie.

Thanks DaveG!! I had to go back and look at my post since I asked that back in April! :laughing: I didn't even know what question you were talking about at first. :doh:

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Too many to mention, so I'll list the ones I have on hand:

- The score for Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann (not a "soundtrack" per se... it is all made up of original compositions). This is what pushed the "night" sound in music in the late 70s to its heights. Later on, songs like "Deacon Blues", "Baker Street", and "You Belong To The City" (1985) came out following a similar style - "Deacon Blues", especially, with the last bars of wind-based instrumentation.

- The revamped soundtrack for Fritz Lang's Metropolis from the 80s choke full of Synth artists such as Giorgio Moroder and The Eurythmics.

- Anything done by Ennio Morricone, so I'll go ahead and mention his most famous and recognizable score(s): The ones for Sergio Leone's Man With No Name Trilogy. A lot of his film scores have outlived the films themselves. Most other composers (it's a dying art, really) can't reach his level of quality with the exception of the big names like Mancini, Williams, Rota, Hisaishi, and maybe smaller, lesser known fellows like Donaggio and Wilden. Compared to Morricone, though, even those guys are way too stuck into their tradional way of employing sounds and music into film.

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Forrest Gump is one a movies with great use of music as it sets you in specific historical times by adding the nostalgia element...I love this soundtrack

Another great soundtrack is from the mexican movie 'Y tu mama tambien' It's totally eclectic and quite non-commercial

(although it did had a promotional song) It features several mexicans alt-rock bands (Cafe tacuba, Titan...)and rare covers like Kraftwerk's 'Showroom dummies' performed by Señor Coconut and 'to love somebody' by Eagle Eye Cherry

Check out the playlist:

01 Here Comes The Mayo (Molotov & Dub Pistols)

02 La Sirenita (Plastilina Mosh)

03 To Love Somebody (Eagle Eyed Cherry)

04 Show Room Dummies (Señor Coconut)

05 Insomnio (Cafe Tacuba & Alejandro Flores)

06 Cold Air (Natalie Imbruglia)

07 Go Shopping (Bran Van 3000)

08 La Tumba Sera El Final (Flaco Jimenez)

09 Afila El Colmillo (Titan & La Mala Rodriguez)

10 Ocean In Your Eyes (Miho Hatori & Smokey Hormel)

11 Nasty Sex (La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata)

12 By This River (Brian Eno)

13 Si No Te Hubieras Ido (Marco Antonio Solis)

14 Watermelon In Easter Hay (Frank Zappa)

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After just watching it on TV I came up with another. Donnie Darko. That movie is one of the best your ever going too see (if you get it). The song "Mad World" is very mystifying.

The soundtrack is great - these are my other favorites:

Trainspotting - no one's mentioned this one yet but it's one of the best ever.

High Fidelity - velvet underground - need I say more?

The Song Remains the Same - yeah!

and any Tarantino movie.

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Dark Side of The Moon (Soundtrack of Wizard of Oz? I've heard that if you turn on the CD right when the MGM lion roars, the rest of the music goes right with the movie.)

This effect is awesome :headphones: I had to go and get a DVD copy of this so I could cue it better 'cause I wore out my VHS copy at that spot.

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