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Grunge In General

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I am haveing a VERY difficult time defining Grunge. I realize tht i came ut of mainly Seattle in the late eighties and people list Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden as Grunge bands.

But what is it?

Now, I got a Pixies album for Christmas and I thought that was as Grungy as it got, but they werent on sny Grunger band lists I have seen...

Just discuss it and maybe try to define it and give me some good Grunge Bands, because I like all of it ive heard so far.

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You learn something new every day! I didn't know that grunge came out of Seattle in the early 80's. In fact I had no idea where it first started.

I would say that the bands Daniel listed can be totally described as grunge. I think I would add Deftones, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney and maybe Smashing Pumpkins to the list.

Heres a good discussion piece "An Approach to Grunge as a Cultural Phenomenon"

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The Pixies are kind of the the beginning of the end of a genre called 'post-punk' also among 'post-punk' is stuff like Sonic Youth, the post-punkers are very much so the forefathers of grunge as we know it, for many grunge bands styled their music after their stuff.

There were loads of underground grunge bands running around before it took off though, one of the big ones was Mother Lovebone, after that group broke up the ex-members went on to form several well-received grunge bands, Pearl Jam being one of the more memorable.

Contrary to popular belief, Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was not the first grunge song to hit it big in the states, that honor really goes to Mudhoney's "Touch Me...I'm Sick" (which was parodied in the brilliant movie 'singles' by a band called Citizen Dick, and the song was called "Touch Me.... I'm Dick")

Anyway, after the Mudhoney thing, grunge really hit it big, and when SLTS came out.......KABOOM!!!!!

As far as The Smashing Pumpkins working into the grunge scene, they're kind of what I like to call 'high tech, well produced grunge' a lot of their stuff really does have a grungy feel to it, it's just a little more refined than what you usually hear, it's a lot like Soundgarden actually.... the big tie that The Pumpkins have to grunge though is their producer, Butch Vig, Vig was the man when grunge was at it's peak Vig was producing everything.

If you want a really good (and funny) overview of the Seattle scene, I highly recommend renting 'Singles'.

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I couldn´t make a list of grunge bands nor describe what kind of music it is... but I guess it´s the music that´s more similar to the 60s and 70s sound... mostly like garage bands... and guess Scott said it very well, it´s good and young music with a punk philosophy and an excellent production.

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Punk, then post-punk were the beginnings of grunge. If you want to really define grunge, you need to look at the bands and influences that have come before it.

The Ramones are the single biggest influence on grunge music. Without it, bands such as Greenday, Pearl Jam and the Offspring would not exist. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana even expressed his wish to be as good as the Ramones someday. You can hear the Ramones stamped all over the records of bands such as Metallica, Nirvana and Rancid.

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