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A couple new songs/Poems

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Heres are two poems, one with potential for a song maybe., Id make a thread for each, but ones just a Haiku.

Both ? Daniel Gillis

My Love

Your Eyes Shine Like Gold

My Mind Never Leaves Those Eyes

I Wish I Could Tell

You And I

From The Fiery Roots Of Hell

To The Green Grass Of Valleys

From The Black Miles Of Space

To The Beautiful Blue Sky

Everything Will Go...Away Forever

Except You And I

From Black Widow Spiders

To Snakes And Worms

From The Deer and The Geese

To The Fish In The See

Everything Will Go.....Away Somewhere

Except You And I

From A Cold Winters Day

To A Midsummers Night

From A Rainy weekend

To A Sunny Sky

Everything Will Go And Never Return

Except You And I

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