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telecaster basses still made by Fender?

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I was not even aware that a Telecaster bass existed. I Googled it, and found that they are sought after by collecters. They can go for as much as $2000.00. Of the two reviews I found, both loved the T-bass, but would not pay 2 grand for one. They look like a P-bass, but the neck is different. I was unable to find any Telecater basses that were made after the early 70's.

I read on some bass guy web page the following about a Tele bass: "the closest thing you could get new is a custom shop reissue of the 51 p-bass. If you get an old tele bass i would go for the single as apposed to the humbucker,(i.e. pre 1970. I have a 69 and it is great....good luck finding one."


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