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Van Morrison/King Harvest


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I have the MP3 for "Dancing in the Moonlight" from both Van Morrison and King Harvest. They sound SO MUCH alike it's unbelievable.

I kept going back and forth between songs. I absolutely cannot tell the difference! ::

Someone please tell me if in fact two DIFFERENT people are singing this song.

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Well, King Harvest were (according to my, admittedly casual, research) Altback, Sherman, Robinson, Tuleja, Cahill, Novak and Montgomery. George Ivan Morrison has, as far as I know, always called himself Van Morrison. So, yes, the two versions should, by rights, feature different singers.

Is it possible, Catherine, that what you believe to be Van Morrison's version is in fact King Harvest's original (or vice versa) and that you are, in fact, trying to compare the song with itself?!

Never been a great fan of Van The Man. To my (tiny) mind, the best thing about him was the name of his ex-wife, Janet Planet.

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I somehow managed to get both songs playing at exactly the same time: Van Morrison on Media Player and King Harvest on Creative Player. There was no difference in voice, timing, pitch, speed, etc. They're the same person aren't they?

Cath, you downloaded those, right? I suspect someone mis-credited Van Morrison to the song "Dancing In The Moonlight". What you are listening to is King Harvest on both MP3's. The one titled Van Morrison is actually King Harvest. This is common as, Van sang "Moondance". Moon, Dance? People screw that up all the time and it gets misleading.


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I suppose that could be possible, because the voices were identical...but how did this King Harvest single end up on a complete Van Morrison CD? ::

Let me explain: I grabbed the King Harvest version 2 years ago from the entire "AM Gold Collection". I grabbed Dancing in the Moonlight and a bunch of 70?s tunes ? only the ones I wanted.

This morning, Van Morrison's entire "The Best Of Van Morrison (Remastered)" CD was posted. I grabbed only the songs I wanted from the CD; Dancing in the Moonlight came off this album.

The songs on Van Morrison's CD were, in this order:

01. Baby Please Don?t Go

02. Gloria

03. Here Comes The Night

04. Mystic Eyes

05. Brown Eyed Girl

06. And It Stoned Me

07. Dancing In The Moonlight

08. Moondance

09. Into The Mystic

10. Domino

11. Blue Money

12. Wild Night

13. Tupelo Honey

14. Jackie Wilson Said

15. Bright Side Of The Road

16. Crazy Love

17. Full Force Gale

18. Dweller On The Threshold

19. Cleaning Windows

20. Queen Of The Slipstream

21. Have I Told You Lately

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Okay, I am not losing my mind! Someone else is a total idiot! Whomever posted Van Morrison's entre CD ADDED the King Harvest song - when it isn't actually on the CD. And notice the track listing I previously posted and the real one below - the songs are in a different order.

I just looked up the CD and here is the REAL track listing. I do not see Dancing in the Moonlight anywhere - OR Tupelo Honey.

01. Bright Side Of The Road

02. Gloria

03. Moondance

04. Baby Please Don't Go

05. Have I Told You Lately

06. Brown Eyed Girl

07. Sweet Thing

08. Warm Love

09. Wonderful Remark

10. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)

11. Full Force Gale

12. And It Stoned Me

13. Here Comes The Night

14. Domino

15. Did Ye Get Healed

16. Wild Night

17. Cleaning Windows

18. Whenever God Shines His Light

19. Queen Of The Slipstream

20. Dweller On The Threshold

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For all you young songwriters and musicians, be careful who you sing for. There are lots of people waiting to steal your songs. Kenny Laguna told us the story of that one:

"I was in a band with a friend of mine. The band was called The Nighthawks. He'd been in a band called Buffalongo, and Buffalongo had this song called 'Dancin' In The Moonlight.' So now, it's the '70, Disco is hot, Bubblegum is dead and I'm starving. We get this idea, we brought it in to RCA. We did it for RCA and these guys stole our idea. The next thing I know, there was another RCA band that had the hit. We didn't control the song, it had already been out, it wasn't our song."

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As I understand it, 'Dancing In the Moonlight' was written for Boffalongo by Ron Altback. He later, jointly, formed King Harvest who went on to have a hit with it.

I would have thought if anyone is entitled to enjoy success with a song, it's the person that actually wrote it.

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I have a story about this song and Sherman Kelly. My mother and her 5 siblings grew up in the sixties and seventies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They lived in a triple decker house, and Sherman Kelly lived on the floor above them with his girlfriend, Charlotte. King Harvest would practice "Dancing in the Moonlight" day and night, and my aunt recalls having to fall asleep to the song being played live by the band above her bedroom, each and every night. Sherman and Charlotte invited Lisa(my aunt), who must have been maybe 5 years old, to plant tomatoes in their apartment one day, and she said that they were two really cool hippies with an apartment that reeked of pot.

They last heard that Sherman hanged himself, but they didn't know if it was true. Does anyone know?

I thought this was a funny story. I found this board on google, trying to find info is Sherman did indeed commit suicide.



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