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which bands have covered pinkfloyd songs

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mushroomhead (another korn-esque nu-metal group, but much better IMHO) did a short cover of empty spaces on their album XX.

Of course we can't forget the cover of have a cigar by the foo fighters with brian may behind the proverbial helm.

and a very little known one, in fact i forget the name of the band. An industrial group form germany or austria did a freakin great cover of wecome ot the machine, if i remember, i will reply with their name

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here's a list of other bands that have done pink floyd covers:

pearl jam, wyclef jean, love and rockets, bruce springsteen, marilyn manson, radiohead, dave matthews band,

phish, primus, velvet revolver, system of a down, tool, blind melon (with pearl jam), smashing pumpkins, and the austin lounge lizards(did a bluegrass version of manic depression that is funny as h3ll) =:P

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