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Question: Serious and jokes too?

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The question is this: Can we include jokes into our seriousness about our music, and still maintain a level of accuracy; balanced against laughability? Give your thoughts and examples of when you've exemplified this thought, and give examples of song that do the same!

I can think of the masters in pranksterism: Frank Zappa, Wierd Al Yankovich. Any others that pop into your brain matter? Share them! Give your thought ('s).

Thanks, CHAFF!

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His songs certainly did seem to have a tongue-in-cheek flair to them.

Village People come to mind as well as Ray Stevens.

Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare's at the top somewhere although I wouldn't consider him a prankster, just a very good...something. =:P

Probably the biggest pranksters during the middle 50's was that crazy, uncensored Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts.

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A couple of the original parodists were Spike Jones in the 40s and Stan Freberg in the 50s. Freberg didn't really do songs, as much he did sketch comedy on records - parodies of Dragnet etc... Rodney Dangerfield in 82 set his "No Respect" routine to music in "Rappin Rodney" as does Jeff Foxworthy today.

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