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Edna's Big 3!!!


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Hey everyone, our sweet Edna will be at the big 3K in 3 posts of this writing.

Here's a special thread to give thanks to one of the best members at Songfacts.

WTG, Edna!!!

When I made this thread she was at 2997 and hoping she'd see this in her current posting spree. As fast as she is, she probably will miss it before her 3000th post but I'm curious as to what her post count will be when she finally gets here.


Edit- Well, Senorita Gonzales is at 3006 now. That makes nine new posts since the start of this thread. If she were any faster she'd be invisible. lol

Maybe she'll get here soon.

Edit 2 - 3009 now. I think her being Giant Squid has her new hands completely full. I should change this thread's title to:

Where the Hell's Edna Now?


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Hi, dear Muzik!!!! I just saw your thread... so I´m a giant squid? Really??? Wow... I guess I should thank you very much all songfactors who gave the opportunity bla bla bla...

Hey, that´s great!!! I´m so small and thin that being a giant squid is a great change for me!

I wonder how I did it, I´m short of time lately!!!

Thank you, sweet Muzik, for telling me, and also for being there!

Who else is a g. squid? I know Chris is... anyway, I love this place, I really love these people!

(Oh, sweet Muzik, I´m not senorita Gonzalez! I´m madame and my name is french!!!) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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About damn time you showed up! ::

At least I caught you before the teens. Glad to see you about and posting. Don't let me stop you.

Very nice having you here at Songfacts and here's to another 3000 more posts!

You were at 3010 when I made this post and now you're at 3112. This means you're twice as fast as me.


You go girl. :)

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Thank you everybody, I´m so... so.. sniff!!! :googly: :googly:

Thank you Windy, soon you´ll join the giant squids! See how we still rock, Windy????!!! :rockon: :rockon:

Jr, good you´re back! I couldn´t imagine songfacts without you!!! And TP is back too...

Thank you Anabelle, rock on from Canada and have a great New Year´s eve!!!

Sue, thank you so much for your post!!!! You know you rock! Hope you´re staying here too...

Now I have to go shopping... :puppyeyes:

I love this site and these people!!!!!! Did I say this before? :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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