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I'm of the same opinion, I like R&B but the new stuff is so far removed from what we called R&B in the 60's and 70's and even the 80's. I'm going thru a phase of "re-appreciating" some of the "Temptations" classics like "papa was a rolling stone" "standing on shaky ground" "aint too proud to beg".... man the list just goes on for classics from that era. "The Commodores" were another example of a great R&B Band with songs like "Brickhouse" and they, like the "Temptations" were also able to release classic love songs that have also lasted thru the ages. It's songs like those that I believe paved the way into other exciting genres of music like Funk, and Soul. It's almost hard to believe that thread of music has evolved right thru rap and in to what we call R&B today, ...but it has!

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Buddy Miles

Bands and collaborations: The Electric Flag, Band of Gypsies (with Jimi Hendrix), Buddy Miles Express, Carlos Santana ... The California Raisins (?? -!#%&!).

In October 2003 Miles sued the estate of Jimi Hendrix and several record labels for unpaid royalties (Los Angeles Superior Court -- George Allen Miles, aka Buddy Miles v. Experience Hendrix LLC, et al. )

my favorite: Them Changes - Buddy Miles Express



Billy Preston

Played with the Beatles (especially Abbey Road, Let It Be). Toured and recorded with the Rolling Stones, Plastic Ono Band, George Harrison, etc. etc. His own memorable 70s hits were Will It Go 'Round In Circles and Nothin' From Nothin'. Miles Davis titled a song Billy Preston in his honor.

Preston was jailed in 1997 for bail violation.

my favorite: That's the Way God Planned It

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Last night I rented a DVD of the movie "Radio" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris. The soundtrack refreshed my memories of some great 70s R & B.

Wake Up Everbody and If you Don't Know Me By Now by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

I'll Be Around and Rubber Band Man by The Spinners

Going In Circles by Friends of Distinction

Songs by Al Green, The Isley Bros. plus Stevie Wonder's cover of the Beatles' We Can Work It Out.

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Ok, if I never came back to this site again I could be happy with this last thread I've been reading. All of the Motown stuff, Ike and Tina Turner and most of the rest are great R&B musicians. But I'm thrilled to see people mention Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, Buddy Miles and the great Etta James. I'm sure she was greatly influenced by Billie Holiday. Without going all the way back through all the posts (yes this is lazy) did we mention Aretha Franklin? That's R&B. My favorite band the Rolling Stones are considered by a lot of people as more R&B than R&R. I don't know about that, I really don't care either way. What do you think?

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