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bands from home country


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hey, maybe we can post a few great names of bands from our home country?

i'm from belgium and here we have

-Ozark henry ( experimental, great albums are 'birthmarks','the sailor not the sea' and 'this last warm solitude' )

-deus (rock)

-k's choice (rock)

-an pierlé ( our local tori amos)

-zita swoon (rock-pop)

-hooverphonic (experimental - rock - pop )

-gabriel rios (latin dance pop, originally from puerto rico )

the dude abides, belgium rules !!! :happybanana:

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XXX, I believe it was "I'm not an addict" :)

The other big song they had was "Something's wrong", I believe.

Bands from my home country that others might know are:

Seether (formerly Saron Gas)

Just Jinger

Springbok Nude Girls

Johnny Clegg and Savuka

Soweto String Quartet

Ok, we have hardly anything. :: Meh.

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does this have to be just bands or can it be solo artists as well? in ireland we've got a great music scene going on. here are some that spring to mind:

Damien Rice

Mic Christopher (sadly he passed away in November 2001 at just 31 years of age)

Mark Geary

The Frames



Nina Hynes

David Kitt

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Colm Quearney (aka Q)

Snow Patrol

and some cork acts:

The Sultans of Ping fc (since split)


John Spillane

Niall Connolly

Ian Whitty (adopted by cork from his native kerry)

The Fallen

Ten Past Seven

The Berries


and (of course!) my band MiR, although we're taking a break right now!

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Oh, if they don't have to be global, then the best bands we have that I like :P are:

Springbok Nude Girls (since broken up but Arno Cartsens has released a solo album)

Seether (Saron Gas)

16 Stitch


The Finkelsteins (from my home town, I was actually at school with these guys although they matriculated 2 years after me)

Bongo Muffin

Lucky Dube

Roger Goode (Awesome DJ)



Battery 9

Rabbit (They had a huge hit with "Charlie" in the 70's or 80's)

Tree 63

Kombat Fudge (also guys at high school with me)

And Dave Matthews went to high school in Johannesburg, so that technically makes him half a Saffa ::

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I'm from Norway, and I think there is just SO many great scandinavian bands :)

first we have the 4 original scandirock bands, which have even created their own genre:

1. Gluecifer

2. Backyard Babies

3. Hellacopters

4. Turbonegro

Those are famous internationally. Then we have The Norwegians:

1. Span (hard rock)

2. Morten Abel (from my home town, stavanger, the norwegian pop king, just brilliant)

3. Annie (brilliant song: "heartbeat". She's getting quite famous internationally now as well)

4. Ralph Myers and the Jack Herren band (electro pop of the highest calibre... get "think twice"

5. Madrugada (melancholic rock)

6. Sondre Lerche (of course)

7. Bertine Zetlitz (pop)

8. Briskeby (Pop Rock)

Then we have the swedes .. which have the upper hand over us norskies I must admit:

1. The hives (obviously)

2. Kent (one of my favourite bands)

3. The Cardigans

4. Soundtrack of Our Lives

5. Melody Club (brilliant 80s band.. so worth listening to)

6. Infinite Mass

7. Håkon Hellström

8. The Knife

plus lots that I havent mentioned :) and I dont know too many danish bands honestly..

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How 'bout Psychic T.V ? It's all just a big Bergmann film in the end ... :puppyeyes:

I love Ingmar Bergman movies! :: Did you notice how Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey made a reference to that film when they played the game with Death? Of course, it was kinda hard to figure out the first ten times since I was drunk and stoned every time I saw it :) :googly:

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Well I'm also from belgium, like suntory_time and euhm well I know other groups ::

-Zornik (great rockband!! "Goodbye" is my alltime favourite by them)

-Thurisaz (Metalband from my town)

-Flip kowlier (Kind of rap, in my dialect from my province)

-Nailpin (punkband)

We also have huge pile of Kiddy bands but I'm not gonna bother you all with them ::

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