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Falling in Love


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Hello All!

Thank you Thank you for all of the great feedback on my last post...you're all amazing! So here's something brand new for y'all to check out. I wrote this as an assignment for my World Lit. class (we had to come up with the most tresured object in our lives and write about it...I chose a moment in time). This is probably my most vivd and poignant memory because it was the percise instant that I fell in love with my best friend (whom is now my boyfriend ::). From the moment I met him, I knew that there was something profoundly important about him; that he would become a fixed object in my life, but I didn't realize the magnitude of his presence until that night. Being as scientific as I am, I have never been one to believe in soul mates, but what I experienced, how I felt in that moment made me the most hard-core supporter of the concept that has ever walked the planet...I kid you not. Let me know what you think...oh and btw, the assignment was that we had to express our feelings towards the object in a Flaubert-like fasion (we're reading Madame Bovary) which I absolutely adore (surprise, surprise).

The memory is exquisitely vivid; the colors and shapes meld together in perfect harmony. The lucidity of the moment is astounding. We walked upon trillion hand-crushed diamonds illuminated by the scintillations of a lazy moon. The ebony canvas hung warmly above playing host to countless stars dancing in an extraordinary celebration of the dawning of night. Sapphires lapped at our ankles, beckoning for us to come and play among the salty zephyrs that tousled the lustrous surface. In that instant, we existed in our own private nation. Heaven could have fallen into the fading twilight, and we wouldn?t have noticed. Minds met silently under that star-blotched sky, never once a word was spoken, yet profound discoveries were made. Liquid skin dripped together, undressing our emotions and fading into the profound beauty aglow in our eyes. Palm on palm, the electricity of that simple action reached out and touched my very soul. Smooth hands tucked self-conscious umber locks gently behind delicate ears and protective arms encircled hearts beating in time to the waves. Our gaze met within the power of a single smile and falling into his perfect embrace, I finally believed.

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