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So for my boyfriend for Christmas, I am making him a scrap book with poems that I have written for him, as well as piecies by other authors, qoutes, song lyrics, pictures, etc. So tonight, we had our secret santa party and I decided that I would give him a hint as to what his present was going to be. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions as to what any of the poem is referring to, please feel free to ask!


dreams are dreams gone

dusty and fading in the purple sunlight

it is understandable;

why? we?re still here?

they?ve left us

so deftly ?

did we realize they?d even

danced by?

and in places now empty

in wait:

a sigh from rose petal lips,

a song from snowdrop eyes.

i still remember you

in a time that didn?t quite always exist.

but the pictures still play

in cartwheels

and summersaults

and on pointed toes

laughing (if only in my heart).

?reminds me now

how i longed for everything

and anything

of the life i finally know.

the intense beauty

of a single star

dazzled by explosions

?can you hear them falling??

losing ourselves;

our minds;

and yet not even so.

in an instant,

there is no right or wrong

(or left, for that matter)

just the pleasure of moments.

and from you,

for you

and by you

i've finally latched on

to that invalid dream

and twisted it

into a long runonsentence

to prove a point

and be it not clear

that onto you everything i bestow

know now that you are my only why

to reach up and catch a thousand stars.

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I think your idea for a gift is wonderful and something he will treasure. I don't really like to comment on people's personal work as that is what it is all about - something personal. As long as you are true to your feelings with your words, he's going to love it all!

I do think it is really good though! :thumbsup:

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I wrote a poem, you can use it if you want.

We have great fun, you make me laugh,

Could it be forever?, I think so,

You are so beautiful, so divine,

I want you in my arms, forever, all the time,

I love you my good friend,

Please don't leave me here, on my own,

I need you here, right by my side,

I want every moment with you to last.

What do you think?.

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