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Thoughts on the Blues


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It's sad. I saw him at Mississippi Nights(a club on the landing,the mississippi of course) He has a bad drinking problem. He was very nice outside at the bus though. He's pretty much just a studio musician in nashville anymore. I think he has real talent though. I like Bayou Soul.

How about Little Feat? They don't get discussed, not really blues or country rock, more like Russell. I'm really into them also.

If you'll be my dixie chicken

I'll be you tennessee lamb.

And we can live together down in dixieland.

:headphones: :bow: :headphones: :bow: :headphones: :bow: :headphones: :bow:

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Download a couple songs. You'll see what I mean. Definately Dixie Chicken. And More. They are one of those bands that take off in certain regions, but not necessarily big nationally. They are very big here. And in the south. I don't know how to categorize them. This should have been a whole 'nother thread. back to the blues. Albert King is wonderful to put makeup on to for work. Stagger Lee.

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I have been into the blues for quite awhile now...and I love the classic blues artist...BB..Muddy..Buddy Guy...and so on, but I have been checking out new blues artists. Here is the artists I have been listening too..

JOnny Lang

Susan Tedschi

Tommy Castro

Eric Sardinas

Joe Bonamassa

Doyle Bramhall II

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

I was just wondering if anyone is listening to a new blues artist that I don't have listed here that you think is someone to check out.

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Although I am not a huge fan of blues music, there are several artists I really like:

Johnny Winter - IMO, the best electric blues guitarist ever!

Big Joe Williams - I just love his unique sound.

Tommy Castro - plays music that is a mixture of blues, rock, jazz and soul.

SRV - another great electric blues guitarist.

Robert Cray.

Mississippi Fred McDowell.

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The blues are the best genre of music out there. The power that can be put into the songs, but not only that. if anyone plays an instrument, it's FUN. If I could only play one genre on guitar for the rest of my life it would be the blues. Solos in the blues really feel as if they fit, unlike rock sometimes. You do not solo in the blues for the sake of showing off, it sounds RIGHT(Jazz is like this as well). I really think Eric Clapton grasped this better than anyone. There are so many aspects there could be at least 10 subgenres. Classic Blues (Acoustic Blues) like Robert Johnson, Modern Blues (Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band, as Bluesboy mentioned, amazing), Blues Rock (Kenny Wayne Shephard) Blues Jazz fusion ( John Maclaughlin) etc. Amazing genre.

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