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Marianne Faithfull wrote her own biography... though it might not be so interesting as it seems, (she´s not always telling the truth, said a couple of Rolling Stones...) I´ve been told that she tells many stories about the rock scene and the book is very good (I didn´t read it...)

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George Harrison's autobiography I, Me, Mine is good, but the vast majority of the book is filled with lyrics and pictures. What George did actually write is great.

Scars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin by Alice Echols is wonderful, but I also enjoyed Love, Janis, which was written by her sister Laura Joplin.

Willie Nelson's Willie written with Bud Shrake, is very interesting and colorful. Willie's reflections are interspersed with the recollections of friends and family - even an ex-wife! It's an autobiography like none I've ever read.

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