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Music phenoms dead before their time!

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Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931) died from complications of chronic alcoholism at age 28. Arguably the first great white jazz musician and still emulated by jazz musicians to this day. As Louis Armstrong said "ain't nobody played like him yet". His story is a classic and tragic tale of genius being cut short by excess of addiction and not unlike Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain, and many other more recent examples.

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How about the daddy of 'em all? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Can you imagine how many more concertos this kid coulda written had he merely lived to be 40?

Yes, an excellent example. It does make you wonder what some of these folks would have gone on to do if they survived. Charlie Parker (1920-55) would be 84 years old if he would have survived drug addiction. I can only hope he wouldn't have finished his career playing Cindy Lauper songs like Miles did.

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At lease he was able to get clean and sober before he died, but still a huge loss for the rest of the world. I think he had a lot left to give.

Elvy, you hit me right in the heart. It's been a little over 14 years since Stevie Ray went down in that helicopter, and I still choke up sometimes when I'm listening to him, and the thought hits me that he'll never play another note. I loved that guy. His music spoke to me in a way nobody else ever had before or since. I only hope everyone gets a chance to experience something like that.

He was a true blues guitarist. And he could kick it in the ass, too.

Long live Stevie Ray Vaughan. :(

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Marvin Gaye, killed by his own father. Andy Gibb(he was sort of a phenom at that time). Karen Carpenter. Selena was on the verge, but was cut down by another act of senseless violence. Did anybody mention Richie Valens already? Tupac Shakir. John Lennon was truly shocking. I had just bought the Double Fantasy album. What a waste.

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Oh, you are right, we forgot about Karen carpenter... she died of anorexia, that´s a sad sad thing... I´ve been listening lot to Carpenters lately...

And nobody mentioned Otis Redding? It was a plane crash, but he was very young. Just like Mamma Cass, she was 29, maybe... and left a 4 years old baby...

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