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Best Grunge Band of all Time!!!


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Nirvana spraked the grunge movemnent in the late eighties. Albums such as Bleach, Nevermind, and In Utero make them the best grunge band of all time. Moreover, they have the hits to prove it such as Lithium, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Rape Me and Come as You Are. In addition, their image appealed to more people than the image of their grunge counterparts such as Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. Soundgarden is second Superunkown is awesome.

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what IS Grunge?

To put it simply, grunge is the rejection of 80's metal, it focuses more on the lyrics and the music, than the image.

Seems like all those bands are the ones who have the "Warning" stickers on their CDs

Actually, most grunge acts kept it pretty clean.

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to add to Scott's definition, it is also about anger. To me, it's like a mix between punk and heavy metal. Not the 80's metal though, really heavy, angry metal. It wasn't about image, but ironically, the grunge "image" (which was not caring about what you are wearing) became one of the most popular images of the 90s.

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Thanks Guys. I just picked up my youngest son, Peter, from the Airport- he went to Sydney for the "Homebake" concert last weekend (all Australian Bands), where Jet headlined. He's also going to the "Big Day Out" on 23 January where there's going to be a lot of U.S. bands -Big Day Out Lineup.

Pete says you're spot on with your explanations. He also thinks that the "Warning" stickers are mostly because the censors see the song titles, but don't listen to the lyrics. He says Nirvana are the definitive grunge band, even though he prefers Pearl Jam ( whom he's not sure you could class just as a grunge Band). Thanks again.


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Hi Daniel. Pete's 22. I should get him to join Songfacts. I just asked him who his favorites appearing at the "Big Day Out" are, and he likes System Of A Down and Slipknot. I don't think he'd want his Old Man hanging out with him - besides, I don't know those Bands, although I have heard of the Beastie Boys.

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Doesn't it look like Neil Young is in a lot of pain when he's singing, like he's having a heart attack or something.

I'd say Pearl Jam is the best, and "Alive" just might be the best song in the 90's. Plus Vedder has a great voice, much better than Cornell's.

Or course, you might count The Smashing Pumpkins also.

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I've always had a special place for Soundgarden yet can't deny what Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and most of all, Neil Young, have done to provide a unique form of rock we like to define as grunge.

Shoot, I still say the first grunge song was by The Beatles:

I want you,

I want you so ba-ha-ha-ad

It's driving me mad...

She's so heavy

*lead guitar

If that ain't grunge, nothing is.

Let's not forget David Bowie, whom I think had many grunge sounding songs. Traffic, and the original Genesis also had that unique sound. Many others that fit into the grunge category not necessarily associated as being a grunge band. Grunge has been here for quite some time.

Grunge DID NOT start with Nirvana even though they surely made it more noticeable to a wider audience. They were a great band but their sound, while unique, was not the first.

Grunge, IMHO, is nothing more than alternative rock with a heavy, yet sensible twist.

One thing's for sure, I'm glad there is grunge out there. Sometimes, one'll be surprised where they might find it.

I guess my interpretation of grunge goes further than flannel shirts and Seattle bars.

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If Stone Temple Pilots can count as grunge then it's a no-brainer

Unfortunately for you, STP is nothing more than the anti-grunge, AKA 'hair metal'. The Seattle grunge movement was all about stripping away all that materialistic bull-crap that was spawned in the 80s by Motley Crue, Poison, and most of all..... Guns 'N' Roses. Not only did STP break the grunge rules by caring more about making their guitars make noise, and lookin' cool, then they did about lyrics, Weiland came out and blantantly B---slapped all the deluded STP fans who thought they were listining to some 'grunge' by joining up with the anti christs of grunge themselves.... G'N'R.

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