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What CDs do you have in your Car right now ?

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CDs in an automobile? I suppose that would come in handy during a major traffic jam or accident when the local "CSI"-dropouts close down ALL traffic lanes when a fender-bender occurs. Instead of that, I've been thinking of sticking the 20GB iPod into a shirt pocket and plugging in the Sennheiser MX-400 earbuds and tuning out Corporate Radio. (Yes, the MX-400s are open-air design, if only to keep one aware of approaching emergency/police vehicles.) Besides, Ye Olde Nissan Sentra doesn't even have a radio. Still, it's better to keep a close eye on the road, since there are far too many "cellular phonies" text messaging each other between bites/sips of a snack while "talking with their hands" to their positively bored traveling companions. Then there are the Honda/Acura/SUV drivers who still think gasoline costs $2/gallon and auto insurance comes free with the automobile! Driving is far too involving to play with music CDs; one high school girl killed a few friends riding with her when one of these disks dropped between the seats--and she looked down to search for it! :P

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Yep, automobiles would run better without the idiot behind the wheel! Soo...watch out for this highly distracted driver, barreling along the expressway as "Born To Be Wild" plays at full volume on Ye Olde iPod, oblivious to music CDs, let alone other drivers. :guitar:

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