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What CDs do you have in your Car right now ?

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'Mars Needs Guitars' - Hoodoo Gurus

'Funhouse' - Stooges

'DIY' - Ian Dury & the Blockheads

Various Tim Buckley CDs

'My Aim is True' - Elvis Costello

A Massive Attack compilation

A blues compilation

'Blue Valentine' - Tom Waits

'Best Of' - Roy Orbison

A John Otway compilation


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We have tapes... can´t afford a new car or a cd for it still...

Edna, Edna, Edna.....I think hubby should go out and buy you a CD player...at the very least!! I still have a collection of over 200 cassettes and I do not want them but I do not want to get rid of them. My greatest beef over audio cassettes is the fact that if you want to skip a song you have to FF or REW to get to the songs you want to hear. It is so much more simpler and less time consuming using a CD player.

Unfortunately, I only have three children's CDs in my car right now. Sad, huh?

Jenny....not at all sad. I am going to guess that those three children's CD's are listened to by your children. Nothing like joyful noise on top of joyful noise when riding in a car. You have children, they like music! I consider that a blessing!

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I keep my CDs in notebooks that hold 24 so I have a lot in my car. What I have in the player is,

Black Grape -- Stupid, stupid, stupid

Enya -- Watermark

Simple Minds -- Once Upon A Time

Van Halen -- Diver Down

Puddle of Mudd -- Come Clean

Stone Temple Pilots -- Core

The best one is the Black Grape. If you've never heard them, they are worth 10 bucks at the used CD place. They have the guy from the Happy Mondays but the music sounds different.

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I have this tin box I got from IKEA and there's about 40 CD-Rs in there. I don't have any albums in the car as of the moment, I usually like to go to my shelf and pick the albums I wanna listen to throughout the day. Take today, for example, I'll probably have these in my car:

The Crackdown by Cabaret Voltaire

Hits by The Birthday Party

Bag Of Hits by The Fun Lovin' Criminals

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I just updated Ye Olde 2G iPod and I've been wondering about using it instead of a CD changer to add some "travelling music." And just when I'd spiked the idea of getting a JBL On Stage speaker system, this subject comes up! (The car doesn't have a radio or installed speakers, so...) :drummer:

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I have about 120 in my car right now, too many to list. But here are some of my favorites:

Lynyrd Skynyrd: (pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd), Second Helping, Street Survivors, Edge Of Forever, Vicious Cycle, & Thyrty

Led Zeppelin: I, II, III, (IV), Houses Of The Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, & In Through The Out Door

Pink Floyd: Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Obscurred By Clouds, Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, & The Wall

The Who: The Who Sells Out, Tommy, Who's Next, & The Very Best Of The Who

And the list goes on and on...

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It changes daily because I listen at my desk at work too - duh. Right now it's:

Gov't Mule - The Deepest End discs 1&2

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live in Cardiff Wales 1975

Social Distortion - Sex, Love and Rock n Roll

Seal - Acoustic disc from Greatest Hits Set

Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road

Steve Earle - Jerusalem

Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts Now

Toby Keith - Shock 'n Y'all

Country mix I burned

The Killers - Hot Fuss

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Heavy metal stuff, my husband is the one who drives... and also a tape of argentinian music from the 60s-70s, rock music... the kind of music only XXX would know...

Sabu? Leo Dan? Los Iracundos? Amanda Miguel? :) My current return to the ol skool is Diego Verdaguer.

"Volvere" :puppyeyes:

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I've just "loaded" my CD dispenser with the following to enjoy on our trip:

Classic #1 60s Collection (Double)

Down Memory Lane Vol.11 (Double, 50s & 60s Mix)

Johnny Rivers Anthology 1964-77 (Double)

ELO, Very Best Of (Double)

Franki Valli & The Four Seasons, Greatest Hits

Diana Ross & The Supremes, Millenium Collection

Brian Ferry + Roxy Music, More Than This - Best Of

Dave Clark Five, Glad All Over Again - Best Of


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