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One thing I enjoy doing is burning CD's with compilations of music chosen for my own listening tastes. Way before CD's came into being I was recording on cassettes. The key to a good sounding CD (or cassette) IMO is to compile songs that are not only favorites but that blend together to make a pleasurable yet logical collection. The songs should melt into each other as if they were meant to be played in succession...even though they may be by various artists or from different genres. The songs needn't have the same words in the title but must fit the theme. Finding songs that fit a theme and still fit together from an audiophonic sense is the challenge. And, it's the fun.

One way I tried to develop a skill for this is that I used to record a cassette (now a CD) of trilogies . Pick 3 songs of a theme and hopefully of a complementary sound and arrange them in a specific order. Eventually I was filling the cassettes with trilogies that blended into each other. It's amazing how lyrical phrases, or often even sounds can lead to a sometimes different idea. And, you can create a sort of opera (if you will) that can have moments of drama, wit and especially humor.

Anyway, what I ask you to do in this thread is to post a trilogy of songs that fit into the criteria mentioned above.

We're picking free-standing trilogies here. We're not trying to blend the trilogy to the previous one...not yet.

I'll start with an easy one titled " Terpsichore " for Dance.

There are literally hundreds of songs related to dance so this is an easy category.

1 Would You Like To Learn To Dance...Steve Goodman

2 When The Party's Over...Janis Ian

3 Do You Wanna Dance...The Mamas and the Papas version

All of these songs use dance as a metaphor for love.

Another example... Think

1 Think...Aretha Franklin

2 Too Busy Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby...Marvin Gaye

3 I Think Of You...Renaissance

Now, your turn. Let's see what you can come up with. Thank you for playing...though honestly it's not a game.

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i do this all the time with my iRiver. often i'm making a journey which is just long enough for about three to fur songs and i get into the habit of listening to a certain three in a particular order over and over again. my most recent 'trilogy' was:

'mysterons' - portishead

'hunter' - bjork

'ava adore' - smashing pumpkins

i'm not even sure why. the songs just blend into one another. i love 'mysterons' as an opening track which it is on the album 'dummy' and the electronica sounds of 'mysterons' and 'hunter' blend very well. then 'ava adore' is a little rockier and edgier and just picks it up a little. not as logical as your trilogies joe, but pretty much the same concept!

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I used to make my tapes for the walkman like this... I can´t recall exactly the songs, but, for instance, I have one beginning with "The wonder of you" (Elvis) fading into "Suspicious Minds" and then fading again into "You don´t have to say you love me"... Other is Julie London, "Cry me a River" and then, "The River" by Bruce Springsteen... all of a sudden "Russian Roulette" by the Lords of the New Church and then, fading into "I´ll feel a whole lot better when you´re gonne", Byrds.

It isn´t a trilogy, so maybe I shouldn´t post this, but that´s my way to make tapes for the background... The bad thing with cds is that you can´t lower the volume to make it fade into another song... at least, I still don´t know how.

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