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Hi everyone, I'm sure if you've been looking at our song pages you've noticed the new Amazon link. We recently joined the Amazon associates program because we want you to be able to listen to and/or buy the songs you can read about on the site. This of course has the added benefit of giving us a small commission when someone buys a product. :) You can help us out by using this link any time you intend to buy something on Amazon: Amazon.com It's a small commission but every little bit helps. Thanks everyone!!! ::

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Hey, Sara. I clicked on the link to do some Christmas shopping and it says

"Looking for Something?

We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.

Please double-check the URL for typos and other errors. Or go to the Amazon.com home page."

Help me help you! ::

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Elvy, I just looked for any song and used the link from there. Then you can just change the search criteria when you get to Amazon.

When I answer a question from the forum, I take any SF song link to Amazon.com and just change the artist details in the URL to the artist from the query. That way they get the traffic from the site and I know how people get itchy fingers when things are made so easy for them to

:googly: BUY :googly: BUY :googly: BUY from Amazon! :laughing:

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Think baseball... :shades:

Hey! No Hints!! :laughing:

Thanks for the heads up Elvish! It would've been a good idea to check my link, now wouldn't it? :) I can't log in to Amazon right now, they must be overloaded with holiday shoppers. As soon as I can elbow my way in I will fix it!

Earth-Angel's method works great too!

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Oh, of course. I have an entire network. I'm like 'Q' LOLOL.

Plus, all I need is one more answer for the quiz.

How safe is this Amazon, though? I'd love to contribute something here, but I've never bought anything over the internet. I'm very leery about this.

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