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Kitty Cat Chwistmas

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Stockings all hung in a row

Warm milk in the kitty cat's bowl

Soft music playing on the stereo

Shadows dance from the candlelight's glow

It's a kitty cat Chwistmas, don't cha know

Outside it's a bright and snowy day

And Santa "Claws" is riding on his sleigh

With Rudolph the reindeer leading the way

They're spreading good cheer just for today

It's a kitty cat Chwistmas, Hey! Hey! Hey!

There's peace on earth just for tonight

The soldiers have put their weapons out of sight

And are fast asleep under the soothing starlight

All along the battlefield guns are quiet

It's a kitty cat Chwistmas! I scream with delight

Meanwhile kitty is snuggled warmly in his bed

With dreams of chasing mice running through his head

And hopes that all the hungry families have been fed

And that wherever there's discord there be love instead

Oh it's gonna be a kitty cat Chwistmas, I said

Oh if only Christmas could last all year

But there's too much hate and too much fear

And while we draw near to those we hold dear

And remember those who are no longer here

It's still a kitty cat Chwistmas, I said with a tear

So I picked up my kitty and softly rubbed his fur

And listened closely as he began to purr

Even though the years go by like a blur

There's one thing I know in my heart for sure

It's a kitty cat Chwistmas, yet once more


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