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Ponder This: Time


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This is something for all to ponder...

I sit and collect my thoughts for another day

Thinking about how much life has changed

Time moves too fast and days go by too quickly

I wish I could get off this ride and just slow down for one week

But time is often just an interpretation

A minute is always a minute

A day is always a day

A months is always a month

But our mind perceives them in different ways

In the blink of an eye another day has gone by and we start all over again the next morning

Too bad we can?t start the previous day over and do it all over again

But you can?t change the past and you have to adjust for the future

No one else is going to stop their life just because yours has gotten away from you

But what about those that do make time to help others

What about those who disregard a time within their lives to help yours out

Time hasn?t stopped for them but part of them has stopped in time

I believe the term is friend

Sometimes a friend can change your fresh start for the next day

Whether it be a bit of good advice or a little helping hand

But the best friends are those that dedicate their ears to you when you need it the most

A time when you feel so distraught and just need someone to share your thoughts with

Of course listening is only part of friendship

When a response is necessary, that same friend will give it

So instead of trying to change the past, try changing the future

If you can?t do it alone, then look toward your friend for some free advice

And always remember, that same friend may come to you for the same reasons

So lend an ear and see if you can help their future

Life will continue to change but that doesn?t mean it has to be bad

Because a true friend will offer good advice to make those changes better

In the words of Linkin Park

?Time is a valuable thing

Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings

Watch it count down ?til the end of the day

The clock ticks life away?

Basically, you can die sad and alone or happy and with friends

Friendship is the treasure with infinite value

Friendship can help mend the wounds time has created

I can?t change the past, I can?t slow down time, so I?ll just lean on a friends? shoulder and hope for a happy ending

Without friends, life is meaningless

And time won?t stop so that you can make your life meaningful

Because if you don?t take the time to do it yourself, time will be lost

And you can never get that back

See the problem is, you just blinked too many times

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Wow... this is SO relevant to what I am going through.

I hope you don't mind, I sent this to a very good friend of mine who has always been there for me (since high school). She is non-judgemental (unlike some other people I know). We talk practically every day and she knows more about me than anyone, even family. She is always there for me and for that I am thankful. I try to be there for her too.

Thanks for the poem. I really LIKE it. :coolio:

p.s. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein:

"Time will wait for whomever will make use of it" :jester:

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