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here's a couple of my faves...

"They Live" w/Roddy McDowell - the earth is run by aliens that appear normal until you put on the special sunglasses.

"The Gates of Hell" - don't recall who is in it - a priest commits suicide thus opening the gates of hell for the undead to return and cause mayhem - some of the grossest special effects I've ever seen.

Toxic Avenger - one of the previous posts mentioned "Troma" films - this is probably the most well known movie that they released. This is a B classic.

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The correct title is Faster,Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965).

It was directed by the legendary "King of the Nudies" Russ Meyer (<).

The plot reportedly involves a trio of malevolent large-breasted strippers doing bad, bad things.

In 1970, Meyer co-wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls with film critic Roger Ebert.

You forgot to mention that is was filmed in white, black and blue!! This is what Carl to took me to see on our first date. :laughing: I think it was a test. I guess I passed! :laughing: :laughing: We now own the movie poster.

If you like horror B movies you've got to see the It's Alive! trilogy. You can't go wrong with a mutant baby that kills when it gets scared!

Half the fun of B movies is being able to go, "OMG, that was soooooo bad!" ::

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