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Baby Elvish

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Okay, everyone. I felt odd about posting it before - and it was almost like I was keeping a wonderful secret. But I can't restrain myself any longer; I have to share this with my Songfacts family. . . I'm expecting Baby Boy Elvish, my first, in the spring. ::


Looks kind of like a monkey/alien creature, doesn't he? :jester:

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This is no lie, Elvy, as soon as I opened this thread, a pop up came up for baby clothes. Shazam!

That's wonderful news. You're going to hear a ton of 'midnight feedings', colic, poop, throw up etc, stories, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Those things all happen, but they are one tiny fraction of being a parent.

It's the most wonderous, joyful thing you'll ever experience. You're getting ready to experience an entirely different kind of love, one that's going to make you wonder why it doesn't just spill out your ears, you've got so much in you.

I'm very happy for you.

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Congratulations Elvish, you must be chuffed.

Its weird when you see the scan isn't it? Like a mini 'Darth Vader' I always think!

Whoever described it as 'the beginning of a great adventure' was spot on - there is nothing else as fundamentally life changing in this world as having a child. Sure, there will be tough bits (and tender ones), but at least you will have somebody to put you in a home when your time comes.

Take it easy.


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Thanks everyone for the well wishes and advice. I feel like I'm graduating from the Songfacts young 'uns to the exclusive group of Songfacts parents. Anyone care to make up appropriate lyrics to "Pomp & Circumstance?" :jester:

Uncle MiamiSammy - that has a definite ring to it!

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I do have a cat named Maximus Decimus Meridius (after the Gladiator) so names ending in "us" would be in keeping with that theme. Of course, my female cat is Lucky Girl - so I guess Elvy Boy would fit with that. ::

Aaron is cool. . . maybe Elvish Aaron :P

Oooo - I like your names, Muzik!

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do we know the gender yet?

i'm very fussy about names actually. whenever i meet someone for the first time and hear their name, the first thing i do (after checking out their shoes :P) is think to myself 'hmmm would i call my child that name?'. i change my mind all the time and i reckon i'll never really know for sure til i see my little baby soul boy or girl but here are the names i like at the moment:


darcy, emma, katie, elena (ella, ellie, elle) , eve/aoibh, susanne (german name pronounced like suzanna, sanne for short).

i also love alot of the biblical names like rebecca, rachel, leah, sarah (i love this name but it's much too common - when i teach dance every second child is called courtney or sarah).

and i love alot of irish names like aoibh (above) or aoibheann, roisin, maeve, fionnuala, caoimhe, saoirse, sian, sadhbh, deirdre, doireann, lots more


jamie, luke, mark, daniel, david, lots of strong traditional names

i love irish boys names like eoin, cian, naoise, ciaran, kevin, diarmuid, danann, colm, aodh, caoimhin, oisin (a bit too d4 tho)

also, (and i'm sure you will) consider names from songs you love - jude, layla, angie, sadie... etc etc!!

of course the important questions you must ask yourself before decide are:

1) how does this name sound together with your surname?

2) what are the shortened versions of this name as it will inevitably be shortened by friends

3) what will the child's initials spell out - no P.P.s here please!

4) imagine yourself calling the child on a crowded beach - is it a name you'd be embarrassed to shout out continuously (actually i used this argument when naming our dog to stop my brother calling her princess!)

you'd swear i didn't have better things to be doing!!

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Okay, names I like..

























Callum (sexy name)

Micheal (Best name ever)





Brett :googly:



Yep, loada pretty names ::

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Congrats Elvish! hee hee babies are sooooo cute! t'is a boy, right? ok, away i go:




David (bit common though)




or how about Mario? it's like Mairi!

Aaron is a cool name

and so is Sam

Scottish names!



I suppose Alastair again


i also like Seamus although i dont know how to spell it!

im sure your baby will be adorable Elvish, congrats again ::

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